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Exotic Hardwood Flooring

   The term Exotic Hardwood Flooring generally refers to wood species which are not native to North America. Many of the more well know species come from South America, Asia, and Africa. Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) and Acacia are some of the most well known. While the native or domestic wood types will include Oak, Maple, Birch, and Hickory.

   The characteristics of the exotic species when compared to those of the domestic are generally quite different. Exotic hardwood flooring species are typically more rich in color and also more dense than domestic wood species. But as Exotic hardwood flooring species come from tropical areas which have been heavily exploited for their resources, flooring made from these Exotic hardwoods can sometimes be difficult to find and rather expensive. However, the expense and wait can be well worth it, as these floors can bring a sophisticated, warm look to any room. The striking colors and distinct grains cannot be replicated with any other type of wood.

    Here, at simpleFLOORS, we offer a large variety of exotic hardwood flooring that can make any room truly unique. We also keep in mind both the importance of conservation of the exotic hardwood flooring species and keeping prices as low as possible. This is why we have put our focus on supplying most of our exotic hardwood species wood floors in engineered construction types. This way a single tree can make many more square feet of beautiful exotic hardwood flooring than can be made as a 3/4" solid wood floor. The engineered floors are just as beautiful and durable as its solid counterpart, and the urethane with aluminum oxide finish means the floors will stay this way for years and years.

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