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Allante Style Carpets

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  1. Allante Balsa Carpet

    Allante Balsa Carpet

    Balsa from the Allante Collection has a subtle but elegant coloration, making it a lovely component in your home. Learn More »
  2. Allante Candlewood Carpet

    Allante Candlewood Carpet

    Candlewood from the Allante Collection has the muli-colored tones of a flickering candle, subtle but gorgeous enough to make a statement without being overpowering. Learn More »
  3. Allante Chromium Carpet

    Allante Chromium Carpet

    Chromium from the Allante Collection possess a gorgeous metallic coloration which is delicate yet striking. Learn More »
  4. Allante Eggshell Carpet

    Allante Eggshell Carpet

    The eggshell carpets from the Allante collection offer a classic style, which is extremely versatile in any room of the house. Learn More »
  5. Allante Greystone Carpet

    Allante Greystone Carpet

    The cool colors in Greystone are a naturally soothing touch which is sleek and modern. Learn More »
  6. Allante Hazelnut Carpet

    Allante Hazelnut Carpet

    Hazelnut is a great choice of color with an earthy air and a hearty feel. Learn More »
  7. Allante Heirloom Carpet

    Allante Heirloom Carpet

    Heirloom carpets are a versatile choice suited for almost every room, season, or situation. Learn More »
  8. Allante Pueblo Carpet

    Allante Pueblo Carpet

    The sandy tan color of Pueblo from the Allante collection is an easy choice to make when selecting carpets. Learn More »

8 Item(s)

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