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Old World Chisel Engineered Hardwood

The Old World Chisel Collection by Heritage Woodcraft is a unique blend of two hand scraping techniques from the past, Chisel Impact and Coarse Effect, that have been revived with today's newest technology. These handcrafted chisel-scraping techniques emphasize the distinctive grain characteristics of each species. The unstructured nature of the chisel work displayed in the center and edges of each plank will accentuate the uniqueness of your home because each plank is hand-chiseled, making no two planks exactly alike. Timeless styles are developed by the mixing of historic design with modern shapes and wood species. The hand-rubbed staining technique mimics that of the finest wood furniture pieces sold today. A soft cotton cloth rubs the stain on, while another buffs the excess off. All done by hand, this creates a translucent surface with a soft luster and just the right amount of brilliant color to showcase each species grain.

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