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Maple or Birch Wood Flooring? An alternative to Maple, our Birch hardwood floors offer Maple-look styles and colors combined with the durability and environmentally-sustainable advantages of Birch, enhancing the beauty and value of any home.

There are many species of Birch. The group of Birch species used to produce the flooring that we manufacture is sourced from colder northern mountain regions that grow the harder, close-interlocked-grain that produces the best plywood for flooring production. Types of Birch include Yellow Birch, White Birch, Red Birch, Sweet Birch, and Curly Birch. All are hard, tough woods durable enough for furniture and flooring. Birch trees grow abundantly in the Northern Hemisphere with nine species in this family that are relatively well known, but over 50 other Birch species are found around the world, including many ornamental and shrub bushes.

Birch plywood performs best in applications demanding high strength and rigidity. Birch plywood has good resistance to humidity, it is easy to reprocess and easy to handle. Birch accepts stains and finish well and in fact stains more evenly than Maple. The grain of Birch wood varies with the type. White and red Birch have a tight grain with closed pores, much like Maple. Comparing hardness, the softest Birch species (950 Janka) is harder that the softest Maple species (700 Janka), and the hardest Birch species is harder than the hardest Maple species.

Most species such as Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Oaks are very identifiable regarding appearance, while species such as Maple and Birch share very similar properties. In the past, because of their nearly identical properties, Maple and Birch have sometimes been used interchangeably to produce the face plys of stained hardwood by many manufacturers. Although Maple and Northern Birch are almost indistinguishable in appearance and performance, some manufacturers have used the species description of Maple to name the style, although a mix of hardwoods was used sharing common colors and properties with Maple.

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