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Strand Eucalyptus

Our Strand Eucalyptus Collection by Artisan Floors is a premium smooth wide-plank (5-1/2") solid strand-woven eucalyptus hardwood flooring available in many colors. The collection can be glued, nailed or stapled over concrete or wooden subfloors on or above grade. Strand Eucalyptus features 4-sided precision-milled tongue-and-groove beveled edges and a 7-layer Treffert® UV-cured acrylic urethane with aluminum oxide finish. Eucalyptus is an eco-friendly, fast-growing, sustainable and renewable hardwood resource. Solid strand-woven eucalyptus flooring is produced by compressing together strands of eucalyptus wood into large blocks that are then milled into individual planks. The result is a dense and extremely hard flooring with an exotic look unlike any other.

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