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Underlayment & Trim


simpleFLOORS offers a wide selection of underlayment products for optimal installation of your new flooring over a wide variety of surfaces including wooden and concrete subfloors. Underlayment can also provide moisture-resistance and sound-reduction to enhance the longevity and enjoyment of your flooring investment.

2-in-1 Moisture Resistant Underlayment

2-in-1 Moisture Resistant Underlayment is the standard underlayment for floating laminate floors. This standard 2-in-1 Moisture Resistant Underlayment consists of a 2mm thick foam and plastic film construction. This underlayment also includes a pre-attached moisture barrier to shield your flooring against moisture damage. An option for laminate flooring, this 2-in-1 Moisture Resistant Underlayment can be easily installed over both wooden and concrete subfloors.

3-in-1 Sound/Moisture Resistant Underlayment

3-in-1 Sound / Moisture Resistant Underlayment is our mid-level laminate and hardwood flooring underlayment. It offers moderate sound absorption for laminate and hardwood flooring, and includes a higher-density 2mm thick foam equipped with a foil moisture-barrier backing. The 3-in-1 Sound / Moisture Resistant Underlayment requires no additional moisture layer and can be used over both wooden and concrete sub-floors.

Purple Underlayment

Purple Underlayment is a thick, premium underlayment that is primarily for use under hardwood and laminate floors. The unique engineering of this underlayment allows it to interact with the floor system itself in a manner that produces a sound similar to that of traditional wood flooring. In addition to use under floating floors, this underlayment significantly reduces noise transmission while providing insulation and stability, and can be used in double glue-down applications.

Purple Underlayment can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Detailed sound transmission specifications for this underlayment are available in pdf format.

  • Reduces both reflective sound noise and through-the-floor sound transmission
  • Suitable for use over both concrete and wood subfloors
  • Exceeds recommended moisture permeability ratings for installation over concrete slabs
  • Optimal thickness for both comfort and stability
  • Helps to eliminate sub-floor imperfections
  • Mold and mildew resistant as well as non-allergenic
  • Adds R Value to help insulate floors
  • Strong enough for the most demanding commercial installations
  • Available in 2.0mm thickness

  • Aquabar Underlayment

    Aquabar is a semi-permeable, moisture-resistant underlayment that can be installed under all wood floors. This underlayment includes a vapor-retardant that inhibits moisture and dust migration. Aquabar acts as a "slip sheet" for your flooring, and helps to ensure they acclimate gradually without buckling, cupping or cracking. This underlayment also possesses sound-suppression properties that minimize noise transmission. Aquabar can be used for applications over a wood or concrete sub-floor.

  • Reduces moisture migration to protect floors from wall cavities and other damages
  • Accepted product of the National Wood Flooring Association
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM
  • Provides sound-barrier to minimize squeaks (sound control)
  • Can be installed under all floors and over concrete and wood subfloor
  • May be used as vapor retarder over heat
  • Available in 36” wide by 167' linear feet and 334' linear feet-product weight is approximately 3lbs/100 sq. ft.
  • Meets the International Building Code as a Class II "vapor retarder"

  • Redux® Acoustical Reduction Underlayment

    Redux® is our best foam rubber underlayment. It is versatile and can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Redux® reduces foot traffic noise across the home in addition to sound transmission in adjacent rooms and in lower levels. Redux® is best for use under floors that can be floated, such as engineered hardwoods, laminate and cork floors. Once installed, Redux® provides a quieter surface by absorbing under-floor vibration. Its flexible, dense construction and 2mm thickness assists in smoothing out minor sub-floor irregularities. Use it over both wood or concrete sub-floors on or below grade. The use of a plastic moisture barrier is required when installing over concrete floors. Redux® test results are available in pdf format here.

  • Available in 2.0mm thickness
  • Sound Performance: STC 55
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Suitable for concrete and wood sub-floors
  • Smooths out minor sub-floor irregularities

  • Vapor Barrier Underlayment

    Vapor Barrier is a polyethylene-based underlayment that protects your floors against damage caused by moisture, dust and other particulates. This preventive underlayment also helps to regulate the temperature of your floors, and allows them to acclimate gradually without running the risk of cupping, buckling or other types of damage. This underlayment can be installed under wooden or concrete subfloors.

  • Provides quality completion of your floor installation
  • Lightweight construction prevents moisture migration while allowing acclimation
  • Can be used over ground, wooden and concrete subfloors
  • Structurally sound for all grades of the home
  • Includes 6 mil polyethylene sheet

  • EVA Gray Foam Underlayment

    EVA Gray Foam Underlayment is a 3-in-1 sound, moisture and thermal reduction underlayment equipped with a polyethylene sheet, overlap lip and attached tape strip. Its advanced acoustical and thermal reduction capabilities make it exceptional for use in both residential and commercial applications. Its soft yet dense rubber-foam consistency provides moderate leveling for floors of different heights while masking subtle imperfections. This underlayment is primarily for use under engineered hardwood and laminate floors, and can be installed over wood and concrete subfloors.

  • Offered in standard 100sqft rolls
  • Inhibits moisture and thermal migration
  • Exponentially decreases sound and thermal transmittal from subfloor to flooring
  • Provides uniformity for floors of varied heights and thicknesses
  • Features a convenient adhesive strip to enable hassle-free installation
  • Can be used with all floating floors

  • Trims & Accessories

    simpleFLOORS offers a wide variety of premium-grade accessory trim available for installation of your new wood floors, including custom styles and colors uniquely matched to your flooring selection. Our full stock of trim and molding assures professional finishing of your floor installation with popular trim products including T-Molding, Stair Nose, Threshold, Wall Base and Flush Reducer.


    Use these T-shaped floor trims to cover narrow gaps between two adjacent floors and transition them smoothly into the same space. An example of where to use them would be doorways where a floor is being installed in two rooms or areas where a floor will meet another floor with the same height. This process is also known as edge moulding. Click here for detailed installation instructions.


    Use this floor trim to smooth and level floors of different heights and varied thickness. A good example of when to use this would be in reducing down to a concrete or vinyl floor. Click here for detailed installation instructions.


    This trim allows you to install the flooring on your stairs. Use this trim on the edge of the stair tread to provide a curved wrap and build the rest of the step out of the new flooring material itself. Click here for detailed installation instructions.


    Also known as End Cap or End Molding, use this floor trim for transitions to carpet, masonry (fireplaces), sliding doors and other exterior door jambs. Click here for detailed installation instructions.

    Carpet Transition

    Also known as Threshold, End Cap, or End Molding, use this floor trim for transitioning to carpet. Click here for detailed installation instructions.


    This trim attaches to the wall and covers any flooring expansion gaps (typically 1/4 gap or more). Combine with a quarter round when covering larger expansion gaps. Click here for detailed installation instructions.

    Quarter Round

    This is a wall trim used to mask inconsistencies in the floor. This is typically placed in front of an existing baseboard and covers the expansion gap required with many floors. Use it to cover over the gap between the floor and the wall. Click here for detailed installation instructions.

    Installation kit

    This kit is for use with laminate floors. The kit contains a pull bar, a tapping block and wall spacers. The pull bar is used for assistance in installing the last board next to the wall. The tapping block helps secure the edges of the planks tightly together during installation. The spacers are used between the wall and the flooring and provide the correctly-spaced distance for the required expansion gap.

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