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What is Cork Flooring?

   Cork is a recently utilized, alternative flooring that is becoming more popular with each passing day. Eco-friendly and absolutely stunning in any residential house, cork is a popular choice for people interested in preserving the environment. Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource coming from the naturally shed bark of cork oak trees. These trees, which mainly grow in Southern Europe, are totally unaffected during harvesting and the same tree may be used numerous times. Most components of this unique flooring are made from recyclable materials, such as the High Density Fiberboard (HDF) core, which serves as the foundation for the upper cork layer. This environmentally friendly floor will create a unique look in your home and work wonders on any room it's in.

   The flooring itself is rather durable and can withstand heavy traffic easily. It provides a cushioned padding for feet, as it is naturally spongy. Cork is a porous material, which creates a barrier of insulation preventing the loss of both heat and cold, causing the flooring to always be comfortable to touch. Not only will cork keep your feet warm, but it will insulate the room as well. Because cork will always feel warm, your body will too. It has been proven that cork will reduce the cost of heating due to its wonderful attributes with temperature.

   The closed cell-structure of cork that creates a sponge for temperature also produces an acoustical barrier. The cells, each filled with air, make cork a natural material for echo and sound reduction. This is similar to synthetic matter, such as fiberglass, yet cork will retain its acoustic properties for over a century after installation. Additionally, cork is shock-resistant, so dropped objects are less likely to break. The flooring is beneficial to those with joint problems and acts as a great cushioned play area for young children. Overall, cork is an efficient sound barrier and insulator that is both convenient and aesthetically appealing.

In addition, cork flooring is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold or mildew. Along with that, it is resistant to invasive organisms. It is a great choice for families with allergies because of how it does not harbor dust and allergens like other flooring, such as carpet would. This makes it much easier to maintain as well. Cork also has an innate anti-static property, making it ideal for any office or electronic room.

    If you are looking for a unique flooring with intricate patterns and designs, look no further as cork will be the perfect flooring for you. Click the link to view our selection of Cork Flooring.

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